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It’s really sad how I am trying to describe you and I to your friend without making it seem like there was something there.

[Kris Letang] reported no problems at all following the 4-3 shootout victory over the Red Wings. He logged a fairly normal 22:30 of ice, had a couple hiccups in the Penguins’ end but also made a trademark rush up ice to set up Jussi Jokinen’s go-ahead goal in the third period. Stops, pivots, acceleration, the whole deal.

“I felt fine,” Letang said afterward. “The only issues were my timing, like I expected, but that will come. Overall, it was OK.”

He seemed much more moved by the affection he was shown by the 18,620 on hand, many of whom brought welcome-back signs and banners.

“It’s one thing we always say about Pittsburgh, how great the fans are,” he said. “The ovation, it was pretty great. I really appreciate it. All through this, the fans were very understanding with me taking my time. It was …”

He paused for a moment.

“It was pretty emotional.

Hear that?

Letang doesn’t just want to return. He needs it. He doesn’t love hockey. He lives it.

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